The True Story of
Imagination & Dreams
Or a part of my life
Mike Aitken
Christmas Orge
Ok here goes! Let me start and tell you a little about myself..My name is...A Wizard With No Name..My teachers have been life!! Growing up in the 60`s I know this to be true because for I only remember half of them! My Best Friend of my youth Tim has sadly passed Away. This is truly a loss to us all. The two of us had meny adventures growing up! We used our Imaginations to put on monster shows for the neighborhood kids in the basement dungeon!! (Of corse we where the stars) and made a nice profit for the times! We built tree houses That kings lived in and fought battles on a daily bases, Against such foes as Dragons,Kings, & Org's, we sailed to new lands and discovered  such things that only a child could imagination?? But Sad are the youth of today!! Imagination only comes by way of 
video games that cost more $$ money then we could earn in 3 yrs. We used real sticks,pee shooters,snowballs,double and yes triple dog Dare ya to do things that even Dr. Phil MIGHT HAVE TROUBLE WITH?? But none the less here I am with the fist of many more to come visions of my youth. I proudly dedicate this
"Christmas ORG"
To my friend Tim Gilchrist and the times we shared!
My imagination and dreams follow us all thur our life's.
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check back often to see what my imagination comes up with in storys,sculptures, & magic.
Once about a time....OH you`ve herd that one!! In a time not so long a place not so far away...when imagination and childrens laughter ring thur the valleys!! On one such sunny day in the valley of the Wizard with no name...a lone rain fell from a small whisk of a cloud.  It rained  a rained of very magical rain..that came straight from the heavens themselves. For ridding these very rain drops were Fairy's landing right in the middle of a wildflower patch that went on for what seems forever. There they live a taught the children about the secrets of imagination with there stories of Dragons,Kingdoms of lands of far away. They took there stories they learned to there family`s and to there children's,children's...But last a MEAN OLD NASTY SMELLING OF DEAD FISH ORGE....herd of the Fairy`s and he sit out on a quest to capture and steal... that what ORGES do best!! There magic, stories, and even there imagination from every Fairy of the land.. But as luck would have it...After all Fairy`s are the luckiest beings that ever lived.. IN TILL A MEAN OLD NASTY SMELLING OF DEAD FISH ORGE`S HERD OF THEM..plan and set out guards at each side of the Wildflower garden...a smell filled the air...of such a foul smell that flowers wilted..mushrooms shrived up..even stink bugs cried...the smell came from the Magical woods..weeping willow`s to this very day still weep for the smell of THE MEAN OLD NASTY SMELLING OF DEAD FISH ORGE that had entered the far..far..far.. end of the woods! It was right then the Fairy`s took flight..they know there only hope was to reach the castle of the Wizard with no name...for only He was strong with enough magical spells to change even the course of time..the Fairy`s flu as fast as there little wings would go...they flu past the weeping willow`s and as they flu they protect these willow`s it magical dust giving to the by...Wizard with no name.. they did this by forever bending there limbs toward the ground......even as they flu for there very lives that as always thinking of others as Fairy`s do..they flu pas the Dogwood trees and with the last of there magical dust... they gave them...the bark of a Dog A Great BIG DOG WHO DID NOT LIKE MEAN OLD NASTY SMELLING OF DEAD FISH ORG`S THAT ALWAYS HAD STOPPED BY THEM ...YES YOU GUESSED IT....WATER THERE BARK...IT WAS HERE THAT MEAN OLD NASTY SMELLING OF DEAD FISH ORGE FELL BEHIND!!!! The Dogwoods trees let out such a bark that MEAN OLD NASTY SMELLING OF DEAD FISH ORG..done peed himself... and as we all know ORG`S can pee a river!! Thee Fairy`s in the mean time had made it to the great magical castle of..??? YUP.. Your Wizard with no name`s flower garden filled with more kinds of flowers then can be imagination.. there were Sweet pees, Sunny flowers,Good morning flowers,there were even Dragon fly's(but that a another story) But the bestest of all these marvelous flowers were the Dandlions!! these were a Wizard`s DANDLIONS WITH FACES OF FEAREST OF LION FACES, WITH ROARS THAT SHOOK THE VERY CASTLE WALLS WHEN MEAN OLD NASTY SMELLING OF DEAD FISH ORGE SHOWED UP....IT WAS THEN THAT I RAN SO FAST THAT MY VERY HAIR AND BEARD TURNED TO AS WHITE AS NEW SNOW...UPON ENTERING MY GARDEN I SIT SUCH A MAGICAL SPELL THE I USED MY OWN NAME...RIGHT THEN.....ALL FAIRY`s WERE CHANGED INTO...FLUTTERBYE...NOT BUTTERFLYs...FLUTTERBYES  AND IF ONE EVER SHOULD LAND ON YOU, YOU WILL HAVE GOOD LUCH FOR A WEEK IN A HALF..AND MEAN OLD NASTY SMELLING OF DEAD FISH ORGE WAS CHANGED INTO A SHADOW AT NIGHT....THE REST OF THE ORGE`S NEVER,NEVER, KNEW OF THE FAIRIES OR THERE MAGIC.... TO THIS VERY DAY..THE ORG`S ARE THIEVES IN THE NIGHT...AND PEE RIVERS OF PEE...BUT ON ONE NIGHT A YEAR THEY STOP AND LEAVE A SPECIAL MESSAGE IN THE SNOW....


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